MONTELEONE tomato sauce is made with the finest Sicilian tomatoes, carefully cultivated in fertile soils and rich in natural elements that make them full of goodness and flavour. The unique climate and the influence of the nearby Mediterranean sea give our tomatoes a distinctive blend of flavours that expresses all the authenticity of tradition.


MONTELEONE tomato sauce is obtained from a special “Plum Tomato” variety recognizable by its particular sweetness and a smooth and velvety texture. It is grown in Sicily where the ideal climatic characteristics make it a product of excellence. Particularly suitable for seasoning gourmet dishes.


Silky and velvety texture, sweet and sour flavours, garden scents and summer memories.Monteleone tomato sauces is an essential product in Italian cuisine, irreplaceable for meat-based and full-bodied sauces, but also for fish recipes, pasta ,soups and, of course, pizza. It is a dense sauce,made from unique varietie of tomatoes,cooked and pureed until creamy, adding a few drops of MONTELEONE ORGANIC SUPREME EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and a fresh basil leaf.